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Supreme Grand Champion
Triple Champion

Nielsen's I'll Knock You Out
aka Fraizer

Grand Champion
Dual Champion

Nielsen's/Conrads Popin Smoke of DK's
aka Smoke

Dual Jr. Champion
Nielsen's Choose Your Weapon
aka Barney



Nielsen's Rage Against the Machine
of Whitey's
aka Rage


Nielsen's A Time For Atonement
at JackKnife
Co-own with Timmy Jackson @ Jack Knife Kennels
aka Coleman

Nielsen's All My Hopes and Dreams
aka Kelso

Nielsen's Pullin My Weight
aka Dread
Co-owned with Paul Rivera
@ 360 Turnaround Kennels

Nielsen's Michelin Man

aka Mich



Males We Have Used

Double B's Roscoe
aka Roscoe

Grand Champion
Dual Champion
JC's Ultimate Dually of Planks Pride
aka Dually

Hurricanes Maximus
aka Max
GDT, IDT3, IDT5, AD, TAN CAL 1, 2, 3, WB1 WB2, WP3

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