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Our Past Litters

Here I will give you a break down of the litters we have personally produced
and litters that our males have sired.

Breeding Number of Dogs in litter Known issues Notes
Baby x Duece
(Johnson x Standard Cross)
Spring 2005
5 Puppies

Skin Allergies in 2 females
1 Male & 1 Female with torn ACL's
1 Female with weak nerves

Over all I was very pleased with this litter. They had the look we were trying to achieve. All the pups in this litter were spayed and neutered and placed in loving pet homes.
Baby x Roscoe
100% Johnson
Spring 2007
12 Puppies

Temperament issues with 7pups 3females 4male
3 Adults Put Down Due to Temperament Issues (bite related)
Hip Dysplisa in 2 pups 1 female 1 male
Skin Allergies with 1 female
1 female with whelping complications

To me this litter was a disaster. The pups all had a typical Johnson look as well as typical Johnson structure. To many temperament issues going on in these pups. None of which showed up till they were at least 6-7mths old. The looks varied between littermates with that being said it also produced some of the best looking Johnson dogs I have seen.
Tiko x Dually
Bully Type
Spring 2008
7 Puppies 1 Male with un-descended testicals
1 Male allergic to fleas
1 Male with heart murmur.  
Over all I was very pleased with these pups. The males displayed heavy bone nice heads, they all had very solid and sound temperaments and drive. One of my favorite litters.
Tiko x Max
Bully Type
Winter 2009
12 Puppies 1 Female with mild hip issues Over all I wasn't very happy with this litter the pups didn't have much bone or size to them, they didn't seem to have a consistent look and they all lack a little bit of drive. I had expected to get a little thicker of dogs off this. I am  pleased that they carry excellent muscle, structure, and have displayed wonderful temperaments.
Button x Tripp
Fall 2008
5 Puppies 1 Male and 1 Female with cleft lip/pallets
2 Males with wry jaw
Medically and genetically this litter was a wreck. On paper it was beautiful but it didn't click well together. There were 5 pups born in total 2 of which had cleft pallets and cleft lips. Button laid on remaining female leaving both males. Both of which as adults ended up having wry mouth. Both males are neutered.
Temperament wise and working wise both were solid.
Fraizer x Crush
(Johnson x Standard Cross)
Spring 2011
4 Puppies 1 Female with Uterine Prolaps Over all I was pleased with the amount of type I got with this litter. 2 of the 3 males came out nice and bully. Our keeper male had a ton of drive and was excelling the show ring as well as loved to work. The other 3 are living in loving pet homes. Where they do have solid temperaments and pretty nice structure.
Fraizer x Lucky
Bully Type
Fall 2011
8 Puppies No Known Issues This litter I am on the fence with. My keeper female is a bombproof working dog who kills it in the show ring. She had tight skin and not overly wrinkly. Some of the males in this litter IMO came out to bully with to many wrinkles. The consistent in this litter is their outgoing and social temperaments. One negative is there were a few more kinked tails then I would have liked to see.
Fraizer x Daisy
Bully Type
Winter 2011
3 Puppies 1 Male with torn ACL
1 Male suspicious of men
I'm on the fence with this litter as well. I love the look and tight skin I got with 2 of the males. My pick male to this day is one of the most impressive AB's alive. Each one of these pups displays a different look. 1 favoring their dad 1 favoring their mom and 1 being a combo of both. Temperament wise 1 male is a little more stand-off-ish but the other 2 are solid.
Fraizer x Chaz
Bully Type
Fall 2013
5 Puppies 1 Male with un-descended testicals  Over all I am pleased with this litter. Structure is excellent all pups have great angulation and toplines; I would have liked to see a little more bone on them. 4 of the 5 are high drive dogs who are eager to please. 
Fraizer x Roxy
Bully Type
Spring 2014
5 Puppies No Known Issues My favorite litter to date minus the 3 kinked tails. All pups have heavy bone with nice heads. They had great angulation as this point. They are still very young so will update with more info at a later date.

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