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Nielsen's Time For Atonement

aka Coleman
DOB - 11/29/2009
WT - 85lbs
HT - 23in

Nielsen's American Bulldogs
Kelly Nielsen

Sire: Hurriancs Maximum
Dame: Nielsen's Total Knock Out of Lewis'
NKC UKC ABRA Registered


This is Coleman he was our pick male out of Tiko and Max. He is an incredibly nice boy who is still coming into his own.
We decided to do a co-own on him as we knew his new owners would be able to bring him to his full potential. He is currently training in
Weight pull and from what i have heard he is doing well. He is a classic bully dog look with excellent drive and a wonderful temperament. He is exactly
what we were looking for when doing this breeding. I almost regret sending him off as a pup because he has turned out so nice. We are very please with
what Coleman has done so far and we are excited to see what his future holds.
We would also like to thank Timmy and his Family for taking such great care of Coleman! You guys have done a wonderful job with him
and I couldn't be happier with where and who he is with. Keep up the good work.



Health Testing




 - Pending



Elbows  - Pending



Cardic  - Normal



Thyroid  - Normal  
  Patellas  - Good  
    NCL   - Pending  
  ICH  - Pending  

Nielsen's Time For Atonement

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