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Supreme Grand Champion
Triple Champion
Nielsen's I'll Knock You Out

Titles Earned:
NKC Supreme Grand Champion ~ Conformation Title
NKC Grand Champion ~ Conformation Title
UKC Champion ~ Conformation Title
ABRA Champion ~ Conformation Title
NKC Champion ~ Conformation Title
AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) ~ Temperament Title
DHT Irondog ~ Temperament/Working Title
ABTT FedAB ~ Temperament/Working Title

GDT Irondog ~ Working Title
IDT 3 ~ Working Title
WTE NWDA ~ Working Tempermant Title
WP1 weight pull ~ Working Title
NWDA WP2 weight pull ~ Working Title
NWDA WP3 weight pull ~ Working Title
NWDA WPCh weight pull  - Working Title
Hardest Hitting 3rd place
Hardest Hitting - 2nd place

aka Fraizer
DOB - 5-22-08
WT - 102lbs
HT - 24ins

Nielsen's American Bulldogs
Kelly Nielsen

Sire: GCH JC's Ultimate Dually of Planks
Dame: Nielsen's Total Knock Out of Lewis'

NKC UKC ABRA Registered


Fraizer was produced right here at NAB's.
He is the product of a breeding that we had been looking forward to for a good number of years. He is living up to everything we could have hoped for. He has been excelling in the show ring winning his class almost every time. He took reserve Bully male puppy at his first official show at only 4mths old losing only to a much older dog. He is looking a lot like both his father and grandfather at the moment as we are hoping that he will mature into a very impressive and striking looking male. Fraizer is very eager to please and has proved time and time again that he has the potential to be an outstanding working dog and a great addition to our breeding program. Attitude wise he is very mellow and ho-hum about life; taking everything as it comes. He gets along great with all other dogs and his best friend is Flower our little Teddy Roosevelt Terrier.  He is currently working on obedience, weight pull, and protection work. With him being so eager to please its making training extremely easy as he loves to be praised and is very smart and picks up on commands quickly. With weight pull its runs strong in his blood and we are hoping that he will make his ancestors very proud one day. I was not sure if Fraizer was going to be cut out for protection work do to his laid back nature but he has surprised me once again by being very engaged in training. He still has a ways to go yet but should be there soon enough. In our opinion Fraizer is the dog that everyone should have or want to have; he has the best temperament being great with my 6yr old son in the back yard, easy enough for my 12yr old daughter to walk alone, sound enough to be in any situation or environment and stay calm, friendly, eager and willing to please.
Fraizer has made me very proud the last 3 years. He is getting ready to hit that 4yr old mark and has been everything I could have hoped for.
He went on to earn his Ch title at 1yr of age then that very next year at the NKC Nationals earned his Supreme Grand Champion title; which is the highest conformation title a dog can earn. He has surprised us all with his show accomplishments and we are excited to see what he throws in his pups.

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GrandCh JC's Ultimate Duelly of Planks Pride
PH .44.41
GrandCH  Barbosa's Bossman "Bee Bop" of Maple Grove CH KMK Muffasa of MGK
PH .31.37
MGK's Brahma the Bull
 IWPA Gold Medalist
MGK's Mountian Gator Red
 IWPA Gold Medalist
MGK's She's A Doozy
IWPA Gold Medalist
MGK's Stumpy Red
IWPA Gold Medalist
MGK's Mountian Gator Red
 IWPA Gold Medalist
MGK's Patches
Maple Grove's Miss Bully
PH .46.54
IWPA Sliver Medalist, WP3
MD Brando WAB's Bama's Magnum Red
MD's Brandy Boo
GWK's Big Daddy Cool Little Bit "Rudy" GWK's Big Daddy Cool
GWK's Phoebe
Plank's Pride Princess Roxann Tigerlilly Tugnut's Simon of Manstoppers
PH .46.52
Bailey's Iron Man Tyson
OFA Good
MGK's Mountian Gator Red
IWPA Gold Medalist
MGK's She's A Doozy
IWPA Gold Medalist
Johnson's Incredibull Hannah
Johnson's Elrod Jr
Johnson's Collette 26
Urban's Sad Eyed Cinnimon Johnson's Peter of MBK Reda's Crunch
Johnson's Sugar Doll of MBK
Johnson's Collette of MBK Johnson's Dick the Brusier II
Johnson's Collette 15
Nielsen's Total Knock Out of Lewis'
Lewis' Big Red Machine "Chopper"
IWPA Sliver Medalist, WP3
Lewis' Red Bull
OFA Fair
IWPA Sliver Medalist
A&K's Sonny Bailey's Iron Man Tyson
OFA Good
A&K's Lady Tiger Lilly
A&K's Jewel Peices fo Lady Bailey's Iron Man Tyson
A&K's Lady Tiger
Lewis' Shiva
 IWPA Bronze Medalist, WP2
Kania's White Knight Kania's Lighting
Kania's Misty Morning
Kania's Zena Ellis' Hawkeyes of Sure-Grip
Kania's Jewel
Lewis' Gold Digger GWK's Alcatraz GWK's Big Daddy Cool MGK's Half Acre
Sanzo's Alexis
GWK's Scarlet GWK's El-Wood
GWK's Fully Tilt Tilly
Grimm's Machine 17 GWK's Landshark - Duncan Blackwell's Rolex
Carr's Lady Megahn
Grimm's Machine Minnie MGK's BamBam IWPA Gold Medalist
MGK's Buckeye Katie Mae

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