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RIP Sweet Boy!
Nielsen's Michelin Man

Drivest Puppy 2nd Place 3-6mths @ 8wks
Drivest Puppy 1st Place 6-9mths
2x Best Bully Male
Best In Show

aka Mich
DOB - 2-2-11
WT - 91lbs
HT - 23in

Spades American Bulldogs/Nielsen's American Bulldogs
Stephanie Spade/Kelly Nielsen

Sire: SGCH Nielsen's I'll Knock You Out
Dame: Spades Orange Crush
NKC and ABRA Registered

Michelin is deeply missed here. We had very high hopes for his future and he proved again that Fraizer is a great producer of sound
temperament, structure, and movement. With out answers to why he passed before his time, but his mark on my heart and soul will be
there for ever. Mich had great promise from the day I picked him up in Tennessee. He had very high drive and loved to bite and challenge everything and
everyone. He took 2nd in this first ever drivest puppy at only 7wks of age against puppies almost 5mths. He did well in the show ring as well, he was only 15pts
sort of his NKC adult Championship. He will always be missed.
Rest in Peace Sweet Boy!


Supreme Grand Champion 3x Champion Niense's I'll Knock You Out


GrandCh JC's Ultimate Duelly of Planks Pride
PH .44.41


GrandCH Barbosa's Bossman "Bee Bop" of Maple Grove CH KMK Muffasa of MGK PH .31.37
MGK's Brahma the Bull IWPA Gold Medalist
MGK's Stumpy Red
IWPA Gold Medalist
Maple Grove's Miss Bully PH .46.54
IWPA Sliver Medalist, WP3
MD Brando
GWK's Big Daddy Cool Little Bit "Rudy"
Plank's Pride Princess Roxann Tigerlilly Tugnut's Simon of Manstoppers
PH .46.52
Bailey's Iron Man Tyson
OFA Good
Johnson's Incredibull Hannah IDT BST GDT OFA Good
Urban's Sad Eyed Cinnimon Johnson's Peter of MBK
Johnson's Collette of MBK
Nielsen's Total Knock Out of Lewis'


Lewis' Big Red Machine "Chopper"
IWPA Sliver Medalist, WP3
Lewis' Red Bull
OFA Fair IWPA Sliver Medalist
A&K's Sonny
A&K's Jewel Pieces of Lady
Lewis' Shiva
 IWPA Bronze Medalist, WP2
Kania's White Knight
Kania's Zena
Lewis' Gold Digger GWK's Alcatraz GWK's Big Daddy Cool
GWK's Scarlet
Grimm's Machine 17 GWK's Landshark - Duncan
Grimm's Machine Minnie
Spades Orange Crush Spade's Blue Chopper of NTK Sir Shamrock of Norristown Desert Sands Brutus NMB's Lil' Lefty
Desert Sands Kenosha
Bozeman's Lexus Johnson's Rebel Rouser 33
Brandi Wine Bear
Bosdog's Isabella of Norristown CH KMK Muffasa of MGK PH .31.37
MGK's Brahma the Bull IWPA Gold Medalist
MGK's Stumpy Red IWPA Gold Medalist
Daisy's Tigar Lilly of High Country High Country Bo
High Country Scarlett

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